Friday, June 10, 2011

Short back and sides

If you walk around Mui Wo, you're sure to see guys sporting what I call the Tony haircut – shorter than the usual but longer than a buzz cut.

It's a nice wearable style that Tony the hairdresser has perfected. Buffalo Wilbur swears that it's almost as good as that from the five-star Mandarin Barber.

As Typhoon Sarika was making landfall today, causing uncertain weather, we decided to forgo our usual walk for a hair cut instead. So it was off to Tony's Salon (Tel: 2984-0990) for our usual.

What I like about Tony is how quietly he works – none of that loud techno music that many hairdressers in Central seem to go for.

He's not a talker either so you don't have to listen to non-stop drivel for the duration it takes to have your hair done.

The clincher? He's got a wall of books to keep you entertained. At a mere HK$30 a pop, they're great for that after-haircut treat.

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