Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Typhoon Haima

The trouble with being classified "essential staff" and living in Mui Wo is that I have to monitor typhoon warnings very conscientiously. T1 and T3 are fine but I have a headache if it's T8 as the ferries stop running.

Some of my colleagues, who live on the islands, are forced to sleep under their desks if they can't get home that day.

Fingers crossed, it won't have to come to that for me as Mui Wo does have a land link. It's getting kamikaze taxi drivers willing to brave the winding South Lantau Road in high winds that is a pain.

The Met Office has said "the chance of issuing a higher tropical cyclone warning signal is not high during the day today" so phew...

I'm happy there will be ferries running even though the ride home might be as bumpy as the one to office this morning.
And here's what I woke up to the morning after a very windy night:

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