Sunday, July 24, 2011


We and our part-time helper have a small tussle going on.

Every time she comes, she moves stuff in front of our living room window. When she leaves, we move it away.

We want the picture window unblocked so we can see the full sea view we paid for. She sees it as additional wall space.

Have you noticed this phenomena all round Hong Kong? The windows with the best view are always obscured by posters, clothes or, more often than not, a huge wardrobe.

I can understand if they live in somewhere like Mongkok, where the only view is of someone else's toilet. But in Mui Wo, where the sea is the best thing about the place?

It's a wonder real-estate agents even bother to tell you what kind of view a flat has. Maybe in addition to FSV (full seaview) or PSV (partial seaview), they should also add FHW (full hanging wall) or PSL (plenty of space for laundry).

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