Monday, July 11, 2011

It's the pits

I hate Mondays. Hate having to drag myself out of bed, dash around like a headless chicken to make sure I catch the ferry on time - only to find that they have deployed the small ferry again.

I think I can eventually get used to the small ferry for my commute both to and from office (do they send the big ones out for repairs during the summer holidays?).

But it's the stench I can't take. And in the small ferry, it's magnified.

What is it about some people and hot weather? They dress as if they cannot believe it's 32 deg out, piling on the clothes and - the clincher - never use deodorant.

Last week, I've had to sit in a miasma of stale sweat and food turned bad (from the bins and containers stuffed at the back of the seats). It makes that half an hour's ride just that little bit more nighmarish.

Is it just me or have I some super sensory powers to bad smells?

I wonder of the ferry folks can work with perfumers/deodorant to give out free samples. Failing which, the traditional remedy of White Flower oil will do (No, I don't get paid to advertise for them; in fact, I think I'm their best customer).

Or maybe they can make a pro-deodorant video to go with the anti-smoking one they already have. I'll volunteer to produce it. I can do naff.

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