Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pizza party

We thought pizza would be a perfect lazy Sunday lunch and what better place to get it than at the newly opened restaurant, The Kitchen?

The place is so laidback that you can basically order the pizza you want and, if they don't have the ingredients, someone – most likely Avi – will pop over to the supermarket to get some.

They make the dough themselves so it tastes really fresh. I love the thin crust so much I can eat just that on its own.

Our meal of two pizzas and a coffee came to HK$185 (there's no service charge – and no cash till yet for that matter).

Be warned, though: each is slightly more than 1 foot in diameter and can easily feed two.

We over-ordered so now have enough for dinner with something for tomorrow's lunch pack too. But it was good pizza so I'm not complaining.

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