Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Kitchen is open

After months of drilling and weeks of looking like it was ready for customers but wasn't, The Kitchen, the restaurant in Scenic Crest Tower 1, is finally open.

Mark and Avi have been selling their trial breads to us curious wannabe customers for the past week or so and Buffalo Wilbur have been hooked on the ciabattas and French loaves.

It's lovely to get freshly baked goods in Mui Wo. The baguettes are so crisp and smell so good I can have a whole loaf plain, dunked in milky coffee, for breakfast.

We haven't tried the other stuff yet but if the bread is anything to go by, I predict The Kitchen will soon find its own niche of customers.

Mark and Avi say they are serving salads, pizzas and pastas (from HK$68) and brunch on weekends. Just no liquor yet, until they get their liquor licence.


  1. I love their bread! And their pizza is also fantastic!

  2. I must try their pizza. Fresh from the oven... yums!

  3. I had a horrible experience with the food. The pizza was supposed to be chorizo but it was smelly stale chinese sausage. I live in Cheung Sha and am an expat and was shocked at the attitude of the staff and owner after I complained.