Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mui Wo guide book

We've been curious to read up more on Mui Wo ever since we moved here but there hasn't been much information about the place in English. So we've been reduced to reading the heritage boards scattered around the villages for to glean more about Mui Wo.

A few days ago, Buffalo Wilbur found an Island Series book on Mui Wo for HK$60 at The Bookshop and we've been happily devouring the little factoids in the tri-lingual (English, Chinese, Japanese) book.

Produced by the same people who publish hiking maps on nature trails and guides, it is a fount of information and photos. I like the historical tidbits and village-by-village guide of the Tung Chung-Mui Wo and Discovery Bay-Mui Wo trails.

Don't expect scintillating writing - there are some bloopers (Jesus was "resuscitated", not resurrected, according to the authors) and the English is clunky in places. But it does fulfill a need, by satisfying our curiosity on some Mui Wo curiosities.

You better hurry if you want to lay your hands on one in Mui Wo. Terry at The Bookshop only has a few left - they sell out almost as soon as he brings them in.

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