Monday, March 14, 2011


I woke up to find the ferry pier had disappeared in a white out.

The ferry was delayed today and there was a special "go slow" requirement because the visibility was less than 2km so the journey took about 45 minutes instead of the usual half hour.

Kudos to the ferry crew. I wouldn't have driven, much less sailed, in this weather - even if my vehicle was equipped with the latest radar systems. It was like sailing into a dense white cloud.

If only I can get Paul McCartney's song out of my head. All together now: "Mull of Kintyre, Oh mist rolling in from the sea..."


  1. Hello Lantau Waterbuffalo,

    this blog is great! I'm thinking about moving to lantau myself - can I mail you some questions? My address is graeser at phy dot cuhk dot edu dot hk. Thanks a lot!

  2. Sure! I think you can get some of your questions answered in my FAQs:

    Let me email you with my address anyways.