Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami in Japan

When we first told my mum we were planning to move to Mui Wo, her immediate words were: "Don't get a first floor terrace. What if there's a tsunami?"

We were in Asia during the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 and we knew friends or friends of friends who had been killed in that one.

So I must admit tsunami was one of my concerns when we found a flat less than 100m from the sea. But Buffalo Wilbur showed me how many islands there were protecting Silvermine Bay so I was soothed... partly.

Thankfully, the tsunami caused by the Japanese earthquake has given Hong Kong a miss – although it did create some swells in the sea (if you can tell from the crappy video I have taken above of the Star Ferry pier from the Mui Wo ferry).

But I must say I still heaved a big sigh of relief when the ferry pulled into Mui Wo and I saw the building our flat was in was still standing.

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