Friday, March 4, 2011

Mui Wo FAQ for tourists

I started this blog to record our life in Mui Wo and community happenings for our family and friends.

But I have been pleasantly surprised to get some comments and emails from strangers from abroad who plan to come over to Hong Kong for holiday and want to know what they can see and do around here.

So here are a few quick FAQs about Mui Wo and Lantau Island:

What sort of accommodation does Mui Wo have?
There are hotels. Silvermine Beach Hotel is the largest and closest to the ferry pier. It is run by the Miramar Group. The new wing is nicer than the old one but has only side sea view.

Further down the beach are Seaview Holiday Resort (Tel: 2984-8877) and Mui Wo Inn (Tel: 2984-7225). Be warned: Don't expect a lot of frills but the hotels do have a sort of retro charm (if you can convince yourself it's 1970s ironic and not a haven't-been-updated-for-decades look).

Off the beach but closer to the River Silver is the Silverview Resort Holiday, which looks like low rise flats cobbled together to make a hotel. The rooms look pretty basic but you can get a 400 sq ft apartment from HK$480 a night.

There are also holiday flats to let – a lot of them are in Wang Tong. You can ask any of the estate agents in town or check out the kiosks (Tel: 2984-8982) showing photos of the flats available at the ferry pier and next to the seafood centre.

What is there to see/do in Mui Wo?
Well, there's the beach, which is what makes Mui Wo popular with day-trippers. Behind the beach, past Wang Tong village, is the Silvermine Waterfall.

There are also lots of hiking trails. Or you can hire a bike from one of the three bike shops around to explore deeper into the villages.

There isn't much touristy shopping in town but you can grab a Mui Wo T-shirt from the pier or the stalls next to the seafood centre. On Sundays, a T-shirt seller sometimes sets up his stall outside Park N Shop. There's also Renge House, which is my present addiction.

Photo ops?
Plenty in Chung Hau village, and the surrounding area. Don't forget to get the prerequisite photo with the dragon at the entrance to the beach.

One public toilet next to the seafood centre as you come off the ferry, one in the Mui Wo municipal building, a couple along the beach and one at the entrance to Wang Tong (next to the Toilet Bar). McDonald's and China Bear has toilets too. If you eat at any other restaurant, you will have to ask for the key to the patrons-only toilets.

There is a shop offering Lantau tours beside the McDonald's but it is quite easy to get around on your own as long as you have an Octopus card, which you can buy at the pier.

There are three main bus routes you must know: The 3M to Tung Chung (for cheap cheap outlet shopping at Citygate mall), the 2 to Ngong Ping and the Big Buddha (for the Po Lin Monastery, vegetarian meal and photos to remember your trip by), and the 1 to Tai O fishing village (for old Hong Kong, cheap seafood and souvenirs – that hat-wearing puffer fish is a hoot).

Other tourist necessities
Mui Wo is a cash-only town. The money changer is at the pier there are two ATMs (BEA and HSBC) which have Cirrus. For insect repellent, emergency beer rations, etc, there are two supermarkets and a 7-11. The stalls along the beach also stock stuff like plasters.

Can I do Lantau in a day?
Sure! My suggestion: Take the ferry to Mui Wo, get a dimsum/local breakfast at the seafood centre, mooch around the beach for a bit, then hop on the bus to Tai O for lunch. After lunch, take the bus to Ngong Ping and then the cable car to Tung Chung.

From Tung Chung, you can catch the MTR back to Central. Or if you still have the energy, catch a bus to Discovery Bay for dinner and then a ferry back from there to Central (if you spend above HK$100 per person at one of the designated restaurants, you get a free ferry ticket).

I have left out Disneyland as you need a day to do justice to that.

Is it convenient for Disneyland?
Ironically, no. Disneyland Hotel has a pier but Disney can't get an operator/permission (depending on who you ask) to operate ferries direct to the resort.

Disneyland and Mui Wo are on South Lantau but you have to go all the way to Tung Chung in the north to catch the MTR to Sunny Bay and then the Disneyland express to the resort - about one hour each way.

More info
Those thinking about making Mui Wo their home can look up my other FAQs about the amenities here.


  1. First, thank you very much for your informative website - it's been really useful!

    We are coming to Hong Kong in January and wish to stay at least one month, probably in Lantau. We are looking for an inexpensive self-catering apartment for 4 people - would you suggest we phone the kiosk on the pier and book this way?

    Thank you again - Karen Douglas-Bhanot & family

  2. Hi All

    I am a doctor from Bristol in the UK who spends a few months each year staying with friends in Mui Wo.

    I am hoping to find 3 apartments or self contained flats for family and friends to rent for Christmas 2012. I am looking for one place of my parents for a month, another for a family of 4 from NZ and another for a family of 5 from the UK, both for two weeks.

    I have asked estate agents without success.

    If you have or know of possible accommodation, I would be grateful to be contacted at

    Tony Steele

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  5. Awesome tips, thanks! Recommended by a friend, here is a place to stay, more of a private home actually:
    Contact Hidi @ / +852 95563456

    Cost of Time Sharing for one house per night: HK$500