Saturday, March 26, 2011

Support your local Japanese place

I sent Buffalo Wilbur an article from a local newspaper about how Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong are hurting because of the radiation food scare.

He emailed back: "Let's go support Pui O Delicious."

I never turn down an offer to visit the restaurant because I love the food there so today, we did our usual Mui Wo-Pui O hike and were there by lunch to have our favourite sukiyaki and stir-fried beef rice.

In case you're wondering, Pui O Delicious gets all its stuff from places outside Japan, including the US and Australia.

The only food items they import from Japan are the scallops and ice-cream but the stock is pre-quake so most of it has sold out anyway.

It has also added a new snack menu, which I was too full to try. But I am definitely eyeing that deep-fried Japanese cheesecake (which I'll bet won't be from Japan). Yums!

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