Sunday, March 27, 2011

New ferry timetable

I didn't realise the ferry tender was up but thank goodness, NWFF has won it again – I was worried I'd have to go on the smaller HKKF ferries.

Anyway, they have some changes to the ferry times but nothing too drastic.

The good news is they have changed some ordinary ferries to fast ferries, especially returning to Mui Wo at night (10pm fast ferry whoo hoo!).

Here are the new ferry times and press release.


  1. It's a great news. Most of the time people need the fast ferries at night. I wish you will publish more news about the fares. like what are the cheap ferries available and services they provide, it will be a very useful article.

  2. Will do. I try to avoid the slow ferries if I can but I will take one to two again in the name of research :P

  3. Thanks for sharing...I prefer travelling by fast ferries and its good to hear that finally they have changed it.

  4. Infact , the New Ferry provide very good services beside they use such luxu n expenisive boats for lcoal travel ,that's why did they lost becoz the cost of those lovely ferries are so high.
    Eunice Muiwoer

  5. I agree, the NWFF ferries are nicer so I'm glad they won the tender. Now if only they would stop putting the small ferries during peak hours.

  6. Its good news that normal ferries are changed to fast ferries for convenience of passengers or travellers. We can reach destinations more quickly with fast ferry(prom).