Sunday, April 10, 2011

Discovery Bay flea market

I love flea markets. Oh and did I say, I love flea markets?

The Discovery Bay flea market gave me weeks of anticipation.

And to think that, were it not for Jacqui's poster for PALS, I might not even have known it was coming up – I have no idea why the DBay management aren't very good at publicising this much-anticipated event. (The next one, by the way, is on June 26).

We got the early ferry and were there in time for the opening by noon... which meant lots of great buys. To the folks who donated the slightly singed but still useable Le Creuset to PALS, thank you, it has found a good home!

The huge crowds showed how popular the flea market was. And that got me wondering why Mui Wo doesn't have something similar.

We have such a great expanse of unused space at the cargo pier, which we can use for a unique flea market with the sea as a background. Or we can close the road outside Bahce and have a huge fair every month or so.

It will bring so many people to the area... and put Mui Wo on the map. So whom do I have to persuade?

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  1. If you by chance know how to get the Discoverybay flea market application form. Would you mind to send it to,. please?