Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sale at Bizzie Lizzie

You don't need to have a kid (or be one) to go crazy at Bizzie Lizzie's sale. Buffalo Wilbur had to be dragged out of the store before he bought everything.

Liz has been selling the stuff at super low prices already but, just for the final day, she has slashed the sale prices by another 50 percent.

Thank goodness for the sale. It's a wet, stay-indoors kind of day so assembling his boy's toys will keep him occupied all afternoon.

You'd better hurry, though, the sale ends today (Sunday). After that, everything goes to a children's charity.

We went there twice – and it looked like a plague of locusts had descended in the intervening hour or so in between our visits.

Bizzie Lizzie is on the G/F, Shop C, Seaview Building, 1 Ngan Wan Road (that's the row with the microbrewery and Gordon's).

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