Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time for a spring clean

Buffalo Wibur and I are still living among boxes close to a year after moving in. So we took the poster from PALS (Protection of Animals Lantau South) as a wake-up call to reduce the junk. By the way, that photo is from our friendly community website, Lantau Link.

So we have decluttered, got one box of stuff which Jacqui very kindly drove up to collect.

Now we am feeling very virtuous. As the wankmeisters would say, it's a win-win situation: Your home gets cleared and the animals get food and shelter.

I highly recommend this as a cleansing exercise. You'll feel really refreshed afterwards.

Only thing is, we are planning to drop by the flea market this Sunday (Noon to 5pm at the DBay Piazza). The clutter may just come back...

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