Friday, April 1, 2011

Shoe sample sale!

Mui Wo has never seen so much excitement. Sample sale of Italian shoes... be still my heart!

The shoes are being sold guerilla-shop style by Octavia, who lives in Luk Tei Tong. Her brother is in the fashion business. They buy the samples from Italy and ship them back once a year so she gets a huge supply of samples to sell in Mui Wo.

Last year, she sold them in the village but this year, she's been lucky enough to get a shop opposite ParkNShop, a few doors away from Renge House. Well, that's lucky for us too.

As I entered, one woman came dashing out, chanting: "Better leave, better leave." Turns out she'd bought 20 pairs already and if she'd stayed any longer, she'd have bought 20 more.

The shoes are priced from HK$50 upwards and, in true bargain fashion, the prices go down the more pairs you buy.

Those funky boots you see above were HK$350... but, as most things there are one-off, I doubt you'll be seeing those in the shop anymore because I bought them.

Octavia will open the store till May 1, or until she runs out of stock.

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