Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just the ticket

There are very few privileges for Mui Wo locals compared to the day trippers.

We pay the same ferry fares. And even the monthly tickets (which give you two returns on the ordinary ferry a day) are not that good value - being roughly the same price as two ordinary ferry tickets anyway.

But I am forever indebted to my Mui Wo guru who let me in on a secret: On Sundays and public holidays, when the ferry fares are a whopping HK$12.40 more each way, Mui Wo residents can buy the Holiday Return Ticket.

The ticket allows you to take two trips on the ferry for weekday prices. It costs HK$42.90 and you top up the difference if you return on a fast ferry.

But it saves you almost HK$25 if you, like me, sometimes have to work on Sundays and public holidays. That's enough for a pair of bermudas at the Salvation Army store.

The trick is to remember to use it on the way back. I have paid double a few times because I went into reflex action and immediately used my Octopus for the return journey. Ouch!

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